WIDE+ and 340 other organizations and networks have declared a Feminist position for post 2015

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Over 340 organizations and networks have come together in a shared feminist declaration for the Post 2015 agenda. In the declaration they call for a paradigm shift and give 6 concrete points to improve the post MDGs. WIDE+ and several of its members undersigned the declaration.

An excerpt of the declaration:


Please find the Feminist Post 2015 Declaration in English, Spanish, French and Russian:

Declaracio´n Feminista Post 2015
Feminist Post 2015 Declaration
Feminists Post 2015 Russian


WIDE+ Workshop “Feminist opportunities and voices in time of crises” in Spanish

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This latest e-newsletter issue from 2013 reports in SPANISH on the WIDE+ Workshop: “Identifying feminist opportunities and voices in times of crises”, Madrid, Spain, 4 July, 2013

It provides interesting case studies and analysis on the crisis for feminist collective action.

Alrededor de 40 feministas de toda Europa se reunieron en Madrid el pasado 4 de julio de 2013, para reflexionar sobre las nuevas estrategias, los espacios y los desafíos que enfrentan las feministas. Cinco presentaciones y una sesión abierta para el intercambio dieron espacio para un debate inspirador alrededor de una pregunta clave: “¿Qué tipo de estrategias y medidas debemos adoptar las feministas y defensora/as de los derechos humanos en este orden mundial cambiante?”.


Encuentro de WIDE+ Madrid, 4 Julio 2013, Gea Meijers.

20 años despues el Paradigma de los derechos de las mujeres en el actual contexto neoliberal, Christa Wichterich

WIDE+ en España y Europa: El Feminismo contra el neoliberalismo patriarcal, Nines Fidalgo

La Conferencia de ONGs “Vienna+20” sobre “Derechos Humanos en crisis”, Claudia Thallmayer

WIDE+E en el Tribunal de Derechos de las mujeres Vienna+20, Euskadi 2013, Rosabel Agirregomezkorta

To read, click: boletin especial oct 2013

Conference “The European economic crisis and it’s consequences for women”, 20 March 2014, Sweden

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Conference is organized by the Gender and Development in practice network (GADIP) and GothenburgUniversity 20-21 March 2014 in Gothenburg. GADIP is an association trying to gather feminists within the academia and activist organizations in order to join forces to try to make a difference. GADIP is the national platform for Women in Development Europe+ (WIDE+). The seminar will address questions such as: how the economic downturn in Europe affect women regarding employment / unemployment, family responsibilities, domestic violence, care of young children, community resources. What may be the consequences of such a crisis for the gender equality projects in Europe?

The intention of the conference is to exchange experiences from researchers and women & men active in voluntary women’s associations, to learn from practice and to investigate important research questions. The workshop will take place at the School of Global Studies (SGS) at University of Gothenburg.

Read the full programme: winnet_program_original_lowres

KULU invitation to International Conference “Alliance Building and Action for Women’s Rights in Development -Now and After 2015″

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This is the invitation to KULU Women and Development’s International Conference. The invitation and program is available in the attached pdf-file. We hope to see you there.


International Conference Alliance Building and Action for Women’s Rights in Development – Now and After 2015

Time: 21 November, 10:00 –16:15 hours

Venue: Fællessalen, Danish Parliament, Rigsdagsgården, 1240 Copenhagen K

A Selection of the Keyspeakers: Mama Koite Doumbia, FEMNET-Mali Rosa Lizarde, Feministic Task Force Kathleen Stone, United Methodist Women Dr. Azza Karam, UNFPA Nerea Craviotti el. Alejandera Scampini, AWID Gro Lindstad, FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development Asger Ryhl, UN Women Nordic Office Lone Loklindt, Social Liberal Party Mette Gjerskov, Social Democrats

The Conference will be held in English.

ENGLISH 2013 Conference program

WIDE+ Special newsletter, Workshop report, October 2013

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WIDE+ Workshop: “Identifying feminist opportunities and voices in times of crises”, Madrid, Spain, 4 July, 2013

Full report: http://wideplusnetwork.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/widespecial_oct2013.pdf

Around 40 feminists from across Europe gathered in Madrid, Spain, last July 4th 2013, to reflect on the new strategies, spaces and challenges that feminists face. Five key note speeches and an open floor session gave room to an inspiring and sharp debate where the key question was: ‘what kind of strategies and action should feminist and other human rights advocates take in this changing global order?’.http://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/wide-workshop-identifying-feminist-opportunities-and-voices-in-times-of-crises/

20 years after: the Women’s Human Rights paradigm in the current neoliberal context http://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/20-years-after-the-womens-human-rights-paradigm-in-the-current-neoliberal-context/

WIDE+E in Spain and Europe: Feminism against patriarchal neoliberalism http://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/wide-in-spain-and-europe-feminism-against-patriarchal-neoliberalism/

Spanish version http://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/wide-en-espana-y-europa-feminismo-contra-el-neoliberalismo-patriarcal/

The Vienna+20 NGO Conference “Human rights in crisis“

WIDE+E at the 2013 Vienna+20 Basque Country Tribunal on Women’s Rights http://wideplusnetwork.wordpress.com/news/widee-at-the-2013-vienna20-basque-country-tribunal-on-womens-rights/


WIDE+ newsletter 4 is out, October 2013

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WIDE+ vision and mission are ready

An update on the establishment process of WIDE+, including a report on the face to face meeting in Madrid, 5 July, 2013

WIDE+ joins Civil Society letters for human rights:
-WIDE+ joins Latin American Medellin Declaration on Business and Human Rights.
-WIDE+ signs letter that calls for a halt to the proposed neo-liberal Trade in Services Agreement.
WIDE+ signs statement to call on legal Human Rights instrument to bind TNCs.
-WIDE+ and CAWN: end persecution of Honduran indigenous leaders.

WIDE+ solidarity statement with protesters in Turkey

WIDE+ member news:
-Wide-Switzerland new publication: ‘Switzerland care-free?!’
WIDE+E in the IV Feminist Economics Congress, 3-5 October, Spain

General: news and resources

WIDE+ vision and mission ready

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WIDE+ is a Europe-based network of gender and feminist specialists, women’s rights advocates, activists, researchers and women’s rights and development organizations.

Our vision

Our work is enshrined in a feminist vision, which means that we are committed to the enforcement of women’s rights, as part of a larger struggle for social justice and the human rights of all. A driving principle in our work is the pursuit of gender justice, in the understanding that this can only be brought about if intersecting unequal power relations are addressed, including economic, environmental, social, sexual, racial, generational and ethnic discrimination. Our vision also embraces combating all forms of discrimination, and in particular against migrants, indigenous and LGBTIQ people.

We are committed to social transformation. This means we strive for rights-based societies in which everybody has the power to control productive assets and resources, to influence the decisions affecting their lives and livelihoods, to decide over one’s own body and life, and develop to their full potential. A world where the rights and wellbeing of people and the planet are put before profit and where the economy is transformed accordingly at all levels (of societal action).

As feminists, women’s and human rights activists we continue to strive for a world in which the implementation of the UN Convention against all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the Beijing Platform for Action and all other international agreements on women’s rights are respected and implemented in economic and development policies at the local, national and global level.

Our mission

We work to create and widen spaces to network and multiply the impact of feminist activism. We promote feminist approaches as alternatives to/against/in the face of neoliberal agendas through the praxis of collective democratic empowerment.

We aim to transform institutional settings, attitudes, power relations, policies and practices so that they reflect development and economic paradigms that are in line with fundamental human rights. To achieve this, we work in synergy with like-minded organizations and committed individuals, both in Europe and globally.

We are convinced that solidarity with numerous feminist, women’s and human rights movements struggling for the same vision and the collective construction of transformative power are cornerstones of our action. We believe that this is the best way to bring about transformative change.